My wife is asking for divorce with out any reason. Before one day she called me to come back from Hyderabad to plan pregnancy. She had cyst in ovaries and she will be getting periods once per 4 months. Still I am taking care of her treatment. Suddenly she wanted to give divorce to me and blocked my whatsup. Her parents don't want her to be with me. They don't want me to be with my parents and sisters. As I did not listen she is claiming false allegations that I am impotent and spreading all rumours that I am sexually harassing her, they are coming with so many reasons when they don't like me. They are demanding 20Lakhs of money , still I love her want her back. How can I proceed further, please suggest. They are spreading so many rumours on me. Being a manager in reputed company it feels like so insulted to me as per this flase allegations. I sent her notice from a lawyer stating that he need to come back as per constitution of conjugal rights and also mentioned in that notice stating that she is doing Balck mail that if don't give money to her which she is demanding she will file a dowry case on my family. But she did not take that notice. Please help. My mom has one house which costs around 70lakhs. Her parents want that home to be on her daughter's name. I have 3 sister and me. Thanks&Regards Hussain Basha [deleted].