Harassment by wife and Inlaws

Dear Sir, I was married five years back in Delhi. We both on matrimonial website..met for a year and then married. We both work in MNCs with decent packages at almost identical roles and compensations. With first three months I was diagnosed with a severe but non life threatening bone illness and my father was diagnosed with cancer next year..since then my wife and her parents attitude changed. They keep fighting with me, want to spend all my money and want me to break ties with my parents. She accuses me of false things and threatens me of committing suicide and leaving the house. She says I will make your life hell and won't divorce me. Sir, while we live in down south and my parents live in north India..even when we visit sometimes or I ask my dad to come, she humiliates them, accusing us of saying things. She says she doesn't care about me or m illness. Sir I under severe stress and depression..I just want to live in peace..she just wants to be involved in her own family..she wants to spent all her money on and our money on her family...sir I don't care..I just want to run away from her I can be in peace for my surgery which is scheduled in few months..pls help sir..I just want to separate..or divorce...she also quotes some ridiculous amt which they spent on wedding..truth is they didn't even spend half of it...I am desperate for peace sir/madam..she insults me and give me suicidal threats