IPC 420/406 Bail Rejcted by High Court

Dear Experts, We have caught the godman who cheated my family of 40 Lakhs (account transferred) and is under JC from last 35 days as his bail application rejected by both session and high court under IPC 420/406. No amount recovered till date. My Queries: 1] How to prolong his custody till conviction gets over, as he belong to different state and can run away once freed on bail? 2] Can some condition impose on guaranteer like post 50% of amount submission in court only the bail plea should be accepted otherwise it should get rejected? 3] My wife is still under influence of this fraud man and has not returned home since his arrest and I'm aware of her whereabouts but couldn't contact her as she has filed wrong complaints against me of hitting her in local P.S, even she is not contacting her family members as well. How can I protect myself and also protect her once this godman can be out on bail then he can use her against me? My girl child of 2.5 years age is presently with me. 4] Can polygraphy be applied on him to find where he has invested the money? What is the process to get permission? 5] Can Police weaken case by any means while filing the chargesheet, I've shared all documentary proofs of account transferrs and forged documents of culprit? 6] Should I higher a lawyer to fight my case post chargesheeted when there is a PP, as what I've experienced during Session and High court hearing, he is of least use. 7] Can he get bail again after charge sheet get filed by session court or high court? What ground should be the best other than "huge amount involved" and "no recovery from him till date"? 8] How to make my case very strong against him, can I ask other cheated person also to file similiar case against him? Thanks.