Decission made by disha police

My wife has complaint against me in disha police station, as per complaint me , my parents went counseling. End of the counseling the conclusion is to pay amount to my wife , but we are not ready for that because of false allegations. We requested the police that we will meet in court , with out any decision they send us back and later the police called to my sister's and my brother in law's to come for disha station as my wife complaint against them , as per their request my sister's, in law's and entire family members came disha station again for counseling, there is no counseling is done any of us. But my wife father has mentioned pay amount as per our demand else I will left my daughter here in station, and left her there saying go and commit suicide to his daughter and he left to his home. For their words we were shocked and the disha police are saying that lets make a mutual agreement that we are ready to pay amount for them and you can go home else you have to take her home. Until u get divorce she will at your place