Cost of probating a will in Chennai

I have a few questions re: the last will and testament of my late grandfather. Please see details below. My grandfather passed away in August 2010, and as per his last will and testament, he left his assets to his wife (my grandmother) and 3 children (my father, my uncle and my aunt). The assets consist mainly of 3 flats (1 each to my father, my uncle and my grandmother, and after the lifetime of my grandmother it will pass on to my aunt) - and some moveable properties (mainly fixed deposits with banks and other finance companies and some shares). These assets are in Chennai and I understand the will needs to be probated to be valid. This has not been done yet and we are planning to do so now, and my questions relate to this. My questions are: 1. What is the cost of probating the will in Chennai? (my understanding is that this is in the form of court fees - which will be 3% of the value of the properties mentioned in the will). 2. As per the wording in the will, the moveable properties (FDs, shares) are all in 'either or survivor' or joint accounts or have nominees in the accounts that clearly indicate who the proceeds of each FD should go to and most of these have already matured so the proceeds have gone to the survivor/nominee. Do these need to be included in the value of the probation or can we probate only the immovable properties? 3. Is there a specific process/method to determine the value of the immovable properties? Thank you very much for your help.