Suggestions/guidance required

Dear Advocates, I would like to discuss some issue going around with my family from the past 20 years. Kindly help me out in solving this matter. Your answers and guidance to me in this aspect is appreciated. My grandfather expiredt nearly abould 25year ago. After his death, the division of property was done, which was infront of everyone. We had a plot of 350sqyd. In this only the ground floor was built. In our part we got the terrace of that plot wheras my uncle he got the ground floor which was completely built. My father he built tha terrace and the floor above that. But now my uncle wants it to be done 50:50 from the ground to the top. He says that whatever money was spent in building that you take that money and leave. He has done several cases in this regards against us. He on regular basis misbehaves with my family. He says that I am an advocate...wears his dress with bow in the house also...he is exploting and misusing his professional degree..he regulary fights with my father ..mother...everyday goes to the authority and files fake complaints against us..he calls all the officials of magistrate etc in the night also and make complaints. He uses abusive language to my mother, my sisters everyone. Please help me out in this matter..I look forward for all your response. If anyoher details are required..I'll provide. Regards, Priyanka