My husband constantly threatens me for divorce

Hello all. i am running a very bad phase. it is just 4 months of my marriage. my family was against our marriage since my husband used to get angry a lot on petty issues and keeps threatening me for divorce again and again and he says that if i dont listen to him he will divorce me. i am at my parents place since past 2 and half months and i suffered from some minimal diseases conditions like typhoid. even my husband was suffering from some infection for which doctor had recommended us not to have any physical relation and even i was sick and i thought i will go to my in laws place after i get well so that infection does not affect me and at my in laws place my father in law already is suffering from brain haemorrhage . so i decided to stay back at my parents place. though i was sick my husband use to threaten me a lot for divorce . i dont wish to give him divorce at all. he abused me a lot and he even abused my parents saying the will kill my whole family. and he also causes me emotional disturbances. for a girl divorce is a big thing. i thought he will improve. he will always try to put me down. he gave cheap bad words to my parents and now my parents are afraid of sending me back to my in laws place. they are afraid that he might cause me some kind of physical violence. i am very stressed. and he keeps threatening me for divorce and my in laws dont do anything. pls advice what can be done.i thought he will improve. what can i do.