Moot memorial

In a school name ABC, Anurag, the school teacher, founded that Sameer, a student of std. 8, was misbehaving in class. To punish Sameer, Anurag sent him to the adjoining classroom and asked him to write an essay on good behavior. Sameer was locked inside the room and was informed that the door will open as soon as he completes his essay. Sameer while writing the essay, falls asleep and did not wake up until the classes were off. That day Chowkidar Gajanan was supposed to clean all the classrooms and lock them from outside. Chowkidar Gajanan instead asked peon Kashiram to do that job that day. Kashiram did not open the classrooms to clean them, but instead locked the room from the outside without opening them. Sameer could possibly climb on a chair and come out through a small window in the room. Sameer did not reach home and his parents made enquiry in the school. On enquiry by Sameer’s parents Chowkidar Gajanan informed that there was no child in the school. Next day, when the school reopened, Sameer was found unconscious in the school. He was immediately rushed into the hospital and his parents were informed. Sameer died in the hospital because of suffocation. About hearing the death of her son Sameer’s mother suffered nervous shock. She was hospitalized immediately and remained hospitalized for two months. The doctors declared that she has suffered permanent mental disorder because of the shock. Sameer’s father had to take two months leave to attend his wife in the hospital and his temporary service in a private firm was terminated. Sameer’s father filed a case against the school authorities, the teacher Anurag and Chowkidar Gajanan for negligence and other damages.