Counter fir squash\ petition

My registered and regularized plot(GHMC regularized, LRS done) in Hyderabad is encroached and trespassed by anti social elements by demolishing room and compound wall in my absence three years ago, by creating fraud sale deed documents with no LINK DOCUMENTS in my adjacent survey number. His plot numbers and survey number are different from mine , and even his plot boundaries not at all match with neighbor's on ground. I HAVE COMPLETE DOCUMENTARY ECVIDENCE IN SUPPORT OF MY OWNERSHIP OF MY PLOT.(ULC certificate from revenue dept, LRS, and neighbor's apartments ECs matching with mine). On my complaint police registered FIR un der section 447, 427 ipc on trespasser immediately, but filed charge sheet in court two years later. The trespasser filed for squash petition in honorable high court to squash charge sheet proceedings of lower court, stating that it is a false complaint. Recently i received show cause notice from high court to SHOW CAUSE before court , as to why not to admit the petition. Please clarify following doubts, 1.How to contest FIR squash petition. What evidences are required. 2.If court squashes the FIR, then what are consequences to me, can acquitted trespasser FILE CRIMINAL CASE against me AFTER ACQUITTAL. 3.Tresspasser himself filed false complaint against me , before i filed complaint on him , but police informed us that they closed FIR after enquiry .Can i refer that FIR in court. How to get certified copy of that FIR from police station. 4.Trespasser entered into development agreement with a builder who tried to get house construction permission from GHMC(Hyderabad municipal corporation), but up on my complaint GHMC denied house permission to trespasser. Trespassers builder filed mandamus writ in high court to direct GHMC to give permission, but GHMC also filed counter in court, to dismiss that mandamus writ petition stating that his plot boundaries do not match on ground, and i filed implead petition in that writ petition also .Strangely the builder cancelled development agreement with trespasser, and that writ petition is pending in high court .Can i also refer that writ petition and GHMC counter petition in present FIR squash petition to counter it. 5 Trespasser filed for injunction suit in lower court with wrong address and short name of mine on his survey number and plot numbers, does that injunction apply to me. 5.1 How to evacuate trespasser from my plot. Is injunction suit asking for survey required, or is it enough if it is proved that trespasser sale deeds are fraud. 5.2 Can i file mandamus writ in honorable High court to direct GHMC to cancel the plot LRS proceedings of the trespasser , as his sale deeds are fraud with no link documents from pattedhar(owner) of that survey number, and to direct police to vacate trespasser from my plot. How to get fast relief from court. 5.3 DO i need a lawyer to counter Squash petition, or will court permit me to argue my case.