Complaint against mother in law

I'm 28 years, i was divorced in 2020 due to very abusive relationship. I have daughter who 5 year old and living with me as per divorce petition judgement. I got remarried in may 22nd 2020. My husband is working in Dubai in a private sector, after 1 month vacation he returned back to Dubai on June 10th. That's the time where we lived together. Once my husband left, his mother, started harrasing me mentally asking how much gold do u have, what's my salary etc., Since my in laws a 70+ I used to do all the house old chores al by myself even though they are healthy enough to do their own routines. All of a sudden one day my mother in law passed urine in the living area in front of our room in midnight. Next day when I woke up and stepped out it urine everywhere in front of our room, when I enquired abt that she told that it was my father in who did since he face some difficulty walking quicker on urgency he passed it there. I cleaned it.. next few days this was repeated and I informed this to my husband, and he warned them by calling not to do such activities. This kind of issues continued in different ways like messing up the kitchen, accessing the cooked food with untidy hands, messing the toilet, passing urine and pooping in floor of the toilet etc , I reacted to this strictly saying they shouldn't use the common bathroom which we use and I stead asked her to use the attached bathroom that they have in their room and locked the bathroom. She kicked the bathroom door and broke the door. It beoke easily since it was an old ply wood door. And took bath nude I. Front me and my daughter and abused us with Bad words several times. Also she pushed me from the bathroom door. Can I file a case against her for such acts? My husband's first wife passed away by suicide and his very own relatives and he says that this lady torchered her in the same way and out mental depression she was under treatment for few months.but then she ended up her life. I fear that my mind also goes in the similar way. I'm unable to go through these situations.