Cheque bounce case

One of neighbour took of RS 5.50thousands towards business purposes, but utalise for his personal usages his personal loans, and house hold items. While returning back he took my mobile video as if he has fulfill the payment. The video took place in third party house before that, the lady owner of house given a tea after consuming a tea, after some time, I have some thing happened. Before that I had a money of RS. Five lakhs in my hand which brought my Freinds and relatives. Some how they're comes know that, I have brought the money. Presently, I have his cheque not sent for clearance. The Mobile video took very to near to me and that amount not directly given to me. And also took advantage of my family matters, it's influence to suciside or hang myself. Presently I am staying alone and partially disbalitirs after accident five years back. How to proceed in this issue and advise me, any suitable case laws, I have also searched about the case laws about mobile video allowed in the court as evidence at what circumstances. Before proceeding I need your advice for further process.