Hii I had been charged under 420ipc in 2017 .The party filed FIR against me for cheating them .I got jailed for 20 days .in between they got their money from my family out side the court and an affidavit was signed by both parties. but they agreed on affidavit that they give this money for treatment of my father as help .and I was charged as 420 for making fake promise to her husband to send abroad.i got bailed from court and after my lawyer told me to submit my passport to him and he will give it to court. in that days I got offer letter for job from outside india.I discuss with my lawyer and he asked me money and after he bring my passport. as he told me that he got it from court .I went outside India. Lawyer promised me nothing to worry about. Now after 5yrs my guarantee got summons from court and my family went there on hearing. Now judge is asking me to come and attend next hearing. I was just misguided by lawyer .I just want to ask if I attend the hearing and after that is it possible to possible any way this 420 got cancelled and I can travel back freely. otherwise my company will take me out of job .As I said before I already paid all amount what I taken from them .Pls answer