Can I register my house to my parents name when divorce is pending

I have filed a divorce case last month and we went for once counseling, they asked us to come next month for another counseling. I'm staying in my sister's house and my wife stays in my house along with my parents. She is giving mental torture to my parents and asking them to leave the house since that house in registered in my name.. I don't wish to stay with her and am living outside. I have asked her to go to her parent's house, but she has refused it. I don't have any issues that she is staying in my house, but she should not torture my parents. She is telling that she will not leave the house and my parents ahs to move out and stay somewhere since it is under my name. So I'm planning to change the property to my parents name. Can I do that? Is it possible now since I have filed a petition? I'm paying EMI currently for that house. 80% of the amount was paid by my parents and only 10 lakhs loan is bared by me. Still 7 lakhs alone is pending.. Please give me a suggestion how to change this house property to parents name.