Survey number to be cancelled from land tax

Sir, My father brought property during 2002 and Sale deed was done. I got property transferred from my father around three years (2019) back as GIFT deed. Total actual land area is 10 cents, but we were paying land tax for 8.5 cents from day one (2002 onwards), so during GIFT deed registration(2019) we rectify this irregularity and added remaining 1.5 cents survey number in our Land tax after going through due process (village office and physical survey by Village field officer ). Two weeks back we came to know that the survey number 1.5 cents added in your land tax belongs to somebody else and best part is that our land boundaries don’t meet. This person has approached bank for loan and then only this mismatch was found out. Village officers said that they will cancel my 1.5 cents and allocate it to Proper person. They told me that my physical land holding is correct (10 cents) but due to some mismatch and adjustment made in previous deed (sale deed executed by My father and seller during 2002) we have this issue. They told me that physical land of my adjacent neighbour and mine need to be verified physically And I have to take no objection from my adjacent neighbour and clear land before proceeding for physical land survey. In brief. 1) My father brough land and house during 2002 and sales deed done. physical land holding10 cents, but land tax was paid only for 8.5 cents. (1.5 cents missing) 2) My father transferred his property to me 3 years back (2019) as GIFT deed and I rectified this missing 1.5 cents and added survey number in my land tax with due procedure from village office. Currently Land tax have two survey numbers one with 8.5 cents and other with 1.5 cents Land tax is paid in my Name, and I have already paid this year’s (2022-23) land tax . 3) According to village officers one of the survey numbers for 1.5 cents doesn’t belongs to me They will allocate this mismatch survey number (1.5 cents) to rightful owner, and I will be left with 8.5 cents in future in land tax receipt although I have physical land as 10 cents. 4) I must take permission from adjacent landowner for physical survey of their property and mine Questions: - 1) How can I rectify this issue? 2) What should I do if physical permission is not given by adjacent landowner. 3) Can Village office cancel this 1.5 cents without intimating me, although there is a mistake in their part too during 2019 and Gift deed was duly registered in my name .