Possession of my property

I inherited a house in Hyderabad. My brother & I got equal share of the house. I migrated to US. I am a US citizen. I have been visiting father who lived in same house with my brother. My brother used his portion to demolish and construct a new three story building. During this process he took all the common area and also annexed some portion of my to construct his building. My portion of the house left in the same condition. My father passed away just before Covid-19 and I was able to attend his funeral and came back to US. Before this I visited every for 30 years or more to visit my parents. In August 2021 a relative of mine informed me that my niece ( my brother’s daughter) has taken a portion of property and renovated in to retail store. I have no idea and they have not informed me about this. I confronted my brother about this illegal occupation of my property. I said he doesn’t know anything about. I wrote a letter to niece to vacate property last month to vacate the property. She has not responded to my request. The will is a registered document and I have a copy of that. Please advise what can I do. I was thinking of filling FIR with local police.