How to file a complaint against my business partner for not allowing me to involve in the business

Me and my sister both started a electricals retail shop financed by our father but my sister husband got involved in the business as he knows about electrical equipments and household electrical service and he already in the field of services and already running one the field with my sister as a partner in it. in this case i mentally tortured and ignored by them intentionally with the motive of fully undertaking the business and the profit through it. As the goes by they use to do the same for me. Atlast I was unable take it any more and I stopped to going to the shop and it been four more years done but there is not even single money has been shared with me by them. If they are been questioned from my side they use to say that we are unable to pay even the monthly bank interest. To prove it to me they use to do loss of pay. When the bank officers call him he won't pick it so they call me and say you are the worst business account operators of our bank. So, please please tell me what can I do with it?