Can i charge a mental harassment case against my husband

Sir, I am married for almost 5years and most of the years i have been only with my mom. Its because I was scared of the mental torture and physical torture given by my mother in law i lost my 1st child and when I conceived for the second iam scared of losing the same so went to my home. And my husband totally ignored me and he even stopped talking to me over phone and when I tried to call him he put my name in reject list as per the advice of my mother in law. But when I delivered a male baby after an year he sent me conjugal rights notice telling that I'm bad and he's willing to be with me. He stated so much of false allegations on me, and I decided to live with him. And now he's totally different (stays in his moms home most of the time) and never talks to me even after coming back and treats me more worse than a maid. He always goes with his mom and sister and he never allows me to meet my mom and don't let my family to come here either. He threatens me that he will file a case against my family if they come here stating that they have come to sue him. I don't know what to do. I don't have any options. If I say that I go to see my family once, he says me to write and give and go. He says that he will vacate the house ( we're staying 1.5kms away from my mother in law). I don't know what to do. Please help