UDS is inconsistent with carpet area

We are a total of 22 flats of 6 different sizes. We bought these flats about 35 years ago and wish to go for redevelopment. The flats are on 10.5 grounds property. We have all been paying property taxes, expending on maintenance and repairs for our flats. Until about 2015 we have been paying same common maintenance irrespective of flat sizes. When we approached different builders, we came to realise that the UDS printed on our sale deeds is not consistent with our carpet areas. Some apartments have high UDS compared to their carpet area, some have low UDS compared to carpet areas. Those who have high UDS want their future apartments to be based in their UDS. Those who have low UDS want their future apartments sizes calculated based on current carpets areas. They’ve also suggested that the UDS be recalculated based on current carpet areas and claim error in calculations. This owners with high UDS do not agree. They want people with low UDS to give up their carpet areas. What is the right solution?