Mental harassment by in-laws

I have been married for a period of two years out of community...I am a Maharashtrian while he is a Kashmiri..Since I got married, I can see my in-laws are partial against me because I belong to another community. They directly don't say anything to me, but they constantly pester my husband against me over small things, which causes fights between us. My husband is a mama's boy and trusts his mother blindly. The mm other in law accuses me of stealing insurance money and many more small big issues over which my mental health is hampered. I know the cause is my in laws, but since everything comes through my husband i can't take nay legal action against the inlaws..I am planning to seperate, but I am sure that the turning my husband against me is going to continue. I don't live with them past 2months, but my husband is asking me to come back.I can't as I get depressed there due to constant weird behaviour of in mother in law has a weird habit of even staring me non round the day.I feel threatened..but there is no action, hence it's really difficult to even complain in the police