Boyfriend refuses to marry after promising

My boyfriend and I are both doctorates and are 35 and 36 years of age. From the very beginning, after meeting once we decided to pursue marriage and I bought a house in Mumbai where he lives as we were serious. He is a divorcee and was worried whether my mother agrees to this, and assured there won’t be any problem from his family side. On this promise, we had sexual rations. We had planned to meet his parents in July, then my family in august. Everything was good till I meet his parents in July, his father had a list of questions to which he said me to ask if I want to either face to face or over a call, I came back to Delhi and had 2 questions- his father asked there should not be any agenda for marriage, and you should do court marriage. I asked the guy what is the meaning of agenda and I would prefer a normal marriage, he told this in his family and it became a matter of huge fight and they said if you want you can get married to her but we don’t approve. He tried convincing them but finally agreed to them. For around 2 months this guy started ignoring me by stating health issues, family issues and professional issues but maintained conversation when I contacted, in fact agreed to travel to Shirdi also. In September when I asked him about marriage, he said he doesn’t want to get married to anyone citing health issues and family being little negative as I dint call his father and talked about the questions to him not his father. When I asked him you should take your decision, he said he is rejecting me as I have empathy issues and dint ask about his family and his health and blamed me that marriage is the only thing in your mind as you are getting old and can’t find anyone. This is devastating, he is not ready to mend up things because of his family. He says it’s not cheating as he is one year younger to me, and saying why I met him for the first time itself? What can I do?