Husband is trying to blame me for hiding his mistakes

Hi, My husband married me and left to kuwait in a month. Its been two years after our marriage now. He tried to make me apply for divorce from a week after our marriage indirectly. But I didnt take him seriously. After me giving birth to our baby he directly asked for divorce. Since he didnt return from kuwait for almost 18 months I said that we can talk on this once he returns. He returned last May. Meanwhile I came to know of his affair there. But I didnt question him on that till he returned. After he returned he physically tortured me and bet me.. I have many friends in both gender.. He has accessed my mobile logs and is now threatening my family saying that I have messaged and called many guys and this he will take it to public and prove that I am cheating him.. My family is afraid to take any decision thinking about the family name and social status.. He wants me to apply divorce is my understanding.. He is often threatening that he will take my son away from me.. Please help me on how to proceed on this..