Land bought in 1967, however, mutation of land is still not done

My grandfather purchased land in 1967. we have the original copy of sale deed. However, mutation is not done. In revenue records land is still on the name of old owner. I went to pathwari for the process of mutation in 2022, showed him the original sale deed. He said sale deed is old and referred me to Tehsildar. Tehsildar looked at the case and asked to procure the certified copy of the sale deed from the court (sub-registrar). We also got the ceritified copy from the court. Then Tehsildar asked pathwari to share ground report of the present land situation. Pathwari came to the stated ared and found out our residential houses there. we live in the same houses on the stated land. Pathwari gave the report to Tehsildar and then Tehslidar referred the case to DC, stating the sale deed is old and asked DC to provide the direction. In DC office, the clerk is telling us that sale deed is old and it gets expired in 12 years. so he has kept the case on halt. What should we do now? Shall we go to court?