Share certificate

My father lived in a chawl. We used to give rent to BMC. In 1995, we formed Society & gave property for development to private builder by doing tri party agreement with BMC, Builder & Tenants. In our chaal, there were two sized rooms i.e. having area of 120 sq ft & 330 sq ft. We lived in 330 sq ft room. As per agreement builder agreed to give 220 sq ft area for small(120 sf) rooms & 440 sq ft area for big(330 sf) rooms. There were 18 rooms in the chawl -- 14 rooms having 120 sf area & 4 rooms having 330 sf area. But builder made a plan of 22 rooms having 220 sq ft area, got sanctioned from BMC & allotted 2 rooms each to 4 tenants having bigger room(330 sf). So we got 2 rooms. But society gave us only one share certificate in 2001 when we got OC from BMC. My father made nomination & nominate 50% share each to 2 brothers since there is only one share certificate allotted for 2 rooms. My father died in Nov 2014. We consulted one lawyer & applied for 2 share certificates & gave 2 different document set from each brother asking society to transfer one room on my name & other to my brother's name because nomination is 50-50. We gave these files to society in Jan 2015. We reminded several times to society; but secretary didn't give any reply in writing. It has been 7 years passed. No progress. What is the solution? Can we get 2 share certificates or not? Can we consider it as deemed to be done as Society didn't answer within 90 days after applying for 2 share certificates & room transfer? Please suggest. Thanks in advance.