Commercial building owner tenant dispute

I have rented 1 st floor premises in a commercial building . When I rented ground floor space was occupied with furniture showroom with sufficient parking space in front . But after 1 month of my occupation GF tenant vacated and owner has given GF space to a restaurant . Restaurant guy occupied ground floor entrance and parking space with kitchen Equipments and made entrance narrow for 1 floor access . Part of the parking area also occupied by standee boards . Initially I objected but owner replied this is owner’s preferrence which type of tenant to choose and that area belongs to Ground floor tenant . But while I moved in I clearly told owner I am investing a lot of amount nearly 35 lacs and I need a clear parking space . Owner agreed for same through whatsapp message . With a hope I continued the business but due to GF passage parking area and some other issues , business revenue generation was not as much as expected I had to close the store after 9 months with huge loss of approx 30 lacs . Even after vacating owner is giving me problem in refunding back rental deposit amount stating small repair works pending here and there . Arranging workman for different type of works takes time . So I told deduct some amount for repair works and refund . But owner insists on completing repair works then only will refund deposit . I do not know how to deal with this kind of person . Is there any scope for appeal civil suit in court claim .