Parking space

We purchased a 2 bhk apt , and after lottery system the society allowed us an uncovered parking space. Now after 4 months the society members have decided to put up a shed and do covered parking. They are quoting a very high sim to be paid by each apt owner , we do not want to pay such a high amount (60 K per flat to put up shed it seems ) we told them to please get a lower quotation but they are insisting that that is the rate to be paid to put the overhead covering, we told them that - in that case we don’t want a covered shed and are quite ok wit$ an open parking space to please leave us alone .as our parking space has a tree near it and is right near the entrance gate we are very happy with it . But now the society committee members are insisting that we either must change / swap our parking space or pay the money to put up shed. They are being very aggressive about this matter and saying that it is unregistered parking spot and since they allotted it they also have power to make us change and swap the parking spot….we don’t think it’s fair.