More than one flat in the society

Hello, Our society is a 100 member society and the MC elections are due early next year. For understanding the voting rights in the society, we have an example where a person holds four flats in the society A. Flat 1- primary owner is husband say member 1 B flat 2 primary owner is husband and joint member is wife say member 2 C flat 3 primary owner is husband and joint member is son say member 3 D flat 4 primary owner is daughter say member 4and joint owner is member 1 Member 1 for flat 1 wants to nominate ( his DIL) an associate member on his behalf Flat 2 he wants to have wife as voter who is a joint member Flat 3 he intends to relinquish his rights to his son i.e. the joint member Flat 4 his daughter relinquished her right to member 1i.e her father If you see the above list of voters all are family albeit from diff flats and by reading the laws they are fully entitled to vote and also run for committee elections. My question pls Is the above arrangement legal and if not what is the remedy What'd happen if all the entire family will be part of the mc? It will lead to cartelisation of any decision. Do we have a case law or judgment that addresses such a situation Thank you.