How to Prove Mental Cruelty Against Husband?

I have been married from the past 12 years and we have 10 year old daughter. From these years, I went through a drain. We both are from different states, though different cultures. In the very first year of our marriage, his mother forced me to adapt their culture ( For instance , I should cook food like her, wear sari , follow all their customs). Here is my take, Before marriage, I made clear to my husband that I will not follow their customs after marriage. At that moment, he said - I don't believe in customs, he just wanted to marry me. But, after marriage he said (woh to sab kehne ki baat hai), you should follow our customs, because his mother forced me. He changed within a blink of an eye and I got astonished. I am punjabi and I do not want to adapt Bihari culture, it's my personal choice which I made clear before marriage, but I felt betrayed. When, I gave birth to a baby girl, my husband started to tell me that I am not beautiful at all, he used to say, other girls look more attractive than me and he unable to do sex with me because I do not contain that attractiveness anymore. Again, I felt so bad about me. We buy a house, for down payment, we pay 50%-50% amount, I just supported him with my savings, the day we are going to shift in our home. I want to do give suggestions in interior, he bluntly said, woh mera ghar hai, tum apna muh chup rakho. His family come, and perform all the greh pravesh custom as per their own interest , where I really don;t feel connected to them. though I never be. At home, I unable to do anything as per my own choice.(For instance, if I want to place a vase on the table, instead of a corner, my husband don;t allow me to do so). but he keeps blaming that I am unable to manage the house. I cook food, which he don;t like and keep on yelling that I don;t cook tasty food. I give time to my daugher, I take her to sports classes, take care of her homework, exams, give time to make her study. Ofcourse, when maid is not around, I am the one who take all the household chores at my own. But still, my husband keep on yelling against me all the time. We have two bathrooms but I am not allowed to use one of them because, my husband clean the other bathroom so only he is allowed to use it. Whenver, I try to go to the hall bathroom, he stops me and dragged me out and says, do not use this bathroom. He keeps on saying that I am not a good lady and he said- agar beti nai hoti to maine tumse kab ka divorce le liya hota. We do not have emotional or physical attachment as he hardly bother to listen to me. Please assist, how can I prove such kind of mental harassment as I don't record. Or I have to stay like this for rest of my life. Just a loveless marriage. He don't spend money on doctor's fee, my medicines, even I do not get anything from him, No Money No Love No Intimate Relationship No Understanding No Healthy Communication I am stuck!