Grandfather property to legal heirs

I am Suresh from Perambur, My mother has 3 sisters and one brother. My grandfather(amma side) had 35 acres and my uncle i.e. my mother's brother, slowly took all the lands in his name, my mother has 3 sisters and one brother,including my mother all the sisters knowingly kept quite because they wanted his brother to be happy as he did not have children through his 1st wife and got married 2nd time still my uncle does not have children. my uncle slowly sold all the acres and made 2 houses in the city which is now worth about 3-4 crores, all of a sudden he made a settlement deed to his wife, we all the 14 cousins are married except one cousin and all of us are married and have children. We are not worried about our uncle or his wife enjoying our grandpa's property but how can he settle to his wife, it means all the property will go to my Mami's side. We cannot allow our grandpa's property to going to somebody when we grand and great children are there., so our request is till mama mami's death let them enjoy the property but after them the property should be made 5 shares and 4 shares to 4 sisters and let mama's share go to mami's side, can we proceed kindly advise, the house documents are in mama's name, he has written from his earnings and he is been paying tax for these 2 houses for the past 25 years, But we have all the old records of property in Grandpa's name and details on how he transferred and sold, kindly advise, regards, Suresh