My girlfriend is being tortured and put in house arrest

My girlfriend fled from home 2 times and cae to my house because his parents do not want her to marry me. First time when she came to my house her mother pleaded don't lodge any compliant I promise I'll get her married to you in 5 to 10 days. After taking her back they started beating her and said we'll never marry you there and tied her arms and beat her. After that she came again to my home and told everything what his family is doing with her and hiw they are torturing her. This time his uncles and brother came and made a promise in front of our sarpanch and a policeman and told that give her a mobile phone so that she'll be able to contact you. But now again they have out her inside house arrest and I don't know what they will be doing with her. Her elder sister called me and abused me and said I'll kill her what you can do And my girlfriend's last call was that take me away from here I don't want to stay with them. I please request you to tell me a solution for this Cause they have broken our trust twice Please help me out