False cases of 125 Crpc and DV against me

I got married in May 2015. My wife was having an affair with a guy from her village prior to the marriage which continued post marriage. I became aware of this after 10 days of our marriage when I stumbled upon one message from her boyfriend. I asked her about that and I told her leave all this now because we are married. She promised me she will forget him and asked me not to reveal this to her parents. After 4 days she introduced me to one of her friends (a girl from her college) and both of them asked me to give divorce to her. They tried to convince me for more than 1 hr and my wife kept asking me about divorce. She wanted a divorce but didn’t want her parents to know about it. I have recorded all these conversations on my phone. After that I tried to save our marriage by trying to convince her but she is not ready to budge. As a matter of fact she was not even ready to consider me as her husband or even look at me. After 2 days I told her parents and uncle about this. I went to police station where we reconciled. She accepted everything and promised not to continue the relationship with her boy friend and instead live with me. She stayed for 10 days with her parents but post returning back to my home her behaviour had still not changed. She refused to consider me as her husband. Neither I nor my family asked her anything about the past once she came back. She stayed for 24 days with me in shared family but then she called her parents and complained that I was torturing her and hitting her. 5 of her relatives came to my house and threatened me and my family with dire consequences. They took her back to her native place. 4 - 5 days later they made a complaint in CAW and they called my whole family to their taluka. We presented our side and showed them the recording. On listening to recording they were enraged. She accepted everything and gave in writing that she was having an affair with a boy before marriage and he continues to send her messages. We went to police station but there she made false statement like “my husband might be having affair with someone ” , “ need to check his call details” etc .Later her family asked us to pay them certain amount and threatened that if we did not do so they would file some cases against us. In September I received notice from court relating to 125 CRPC and DV being filed against me and my family by her family. Now my question is that how useful would be the messages, recording and written statement in CAW to me because she has made false allegations on me and my family. One of them is that I drink and hit her frequently. Other one is I made her sit outside my home for 2 days. I and my family have always taken good care of her.