F i r against wife is possible

Hi, My wife cheated me with her friend i have all documents like lease and license aggreement with her friend after leaving my house , she went out of mumbai with that guy and they stayed in one room for 5 days i have hotel air ticket documents, they stayed in mumbai also in one hotel i have that hotel details also with their ids, my wife never changed her surname ( identity) she made her pan card, passport and driving liecense after marriage on her individual name. My wife is a divorce her first divorce was filed in may 2009 and co incidently that person who is enngaged with my wife knows my wife from 2001 he also filed his first divorce in sep 2009. my wife left my house on 22nd july 2015 and my 2 lac cash is missing from that day again a coincident that person filed his second divorce on 29th july 2015 and now my wife is asking me for divorce . she is having my scooty which is register on my name. police is aying they will not make any f i r against my wife ,that person name and my wife s family name. police only helped me in terms of collecting documents like cdr report where i have seen my wife and her friend had too many calls and sms from januanry 2015. now police is saying go and take divorce and fight in family court its not a criminal offence. please help me