Seeking legal Advice

Hello Sir, I am a Hindu girl from kolkata and got married to a guy from mumbai through matrimony site on March'15 at kolkata under Hindu marriage act laws. I went to mumbai after marriage where our legal registration was suppose to be done at Mumbai Church but things went really bad after marriage my husband and me use to stay in a rented house at Mumbai and right beside the floor underneath my mother in-law use to stay but my husband kept me aloof and i was prohibited to meet her and he always restricted me to meet any of his family member.Whenever my parents call him to ask about the legal registration he use to avoid the topic and started delaying it giving excuse about work etc. He behaviour started to change towards me he started being very dominative and wanted me to just be a puppet and slave to him without asking any question.I use to stay all alone soetimes even without food and he was least bothered about me or any responsibility as a husband. I was really depressed but then decided to charge him he abused me and my parents and raised hand on me. I was extremely shocked and petrified by his behaviour he never let me meet any of his family member or any friend or relative. I decided to come back to my parents house at Kolkata and found out that he is a fraud and was married before and use to treat his ex wife very badly too and did violence with her too.His ex wife has passed away and he had made a fake never married profile at the matrimony. After coming to kolkata I tried to call him but he dosnt respond to my calls neither bothered about his marriage. My parents also tried to talk to him but he is trying to escape everything and putting false blame on me that i dont want to live with him so he cannot do anything and not ready for any responsibility. I dont know what to do me and family is completely broken by this incident but no I have decided that i want to fight for my justice all my belongings along with jewellery, cash and other valuables that i got as gift in marriage is with him in mumbai and now when i am asking him to give it back he is making excuse. Kindly help in this matter and guide me to fight for my justice how to go about it and charge him. Waiting for your kind suggestion.