Clarity on Police procedure and my rights as complainant on reporting suicide

Hi There, I reported and lodged a complaint with regards to a suicide of a friend to the respective a police station. I have received the First Intelligence Received copy. Is this considered First Investigation Report? Or should I ask for First Investigation Report? Below are some of the questions I need clarity on so please help with the same: 1. As a female complainant, what documents and copies can I request from the Investigating police officer during the course of investigation and wWhat are my rights? 2. Also, I only received the complain copy but the officer in the station is delaying to give me my statement copy which is my right to have correct? 3. May I know how long does it usually take to get the conclusions of the Post Mortem report for such cases? 4. As a female complainant how often can the Investigation officer summon me to the station? is this even allowed by law? Please help me with the details to legally co-operate on this case so my friend gets due justice for his death.