Consequences of breaking engagement

Hi All, I was engaged to a girl in Mar-15 and I met her only for 15 min and on the same day I was engaged with her. Later on I found that I am not compatible with her. Currently am working as an IT engineer. I had a discussion with my father he was very upset about my decision but latter he agreed with my decision but his concern is what will happen if they will file a police complaint against me under dowry act and may be I have to loose my job. They have given 50000 in my hands as per ritual during roka only. In our side dowry amount is also decided before anything is fixed same with us also but we have not asked or received any amount till now as marriage is decided in Mar-16. So as of now we have not received any amount from them and neither my father is in contact with them after March nor I am interested to marry. So if I say no will it come under dowry act. Bcoz I don't want to get married to that girl but my family is saying why I respond in yes when I was asked and I did so in pressure as my relatives were gathered for engagement on the same day when I met the girl for the first time. Pls help me out over here . What will be consequences if I would say no and they will try to force us for marriage or will file case under dowry act. My decision is my own and has nothing to do with dowry its 6 month now after engagement and for the last 3 month hardly i had 5-6 phone calls to her. Please advice