My Estranged Husband Misrepresented facts and borrowed money

My estranged Husband Misrepresented facts about the house property and borrowed money from Some Private Lender in the market . Similar to what he did for his Shop (Commercial Property) in which case he has already been arrested and is in Judicial Custody . The Private Lender in order to recover his money (even though he charged exorbitant rate of Interest knows that money recovery is tough due to No Family earning . He has Included my name in the list of accused even though I have never met or interacted with him . My sister in law and her husband were party to my husband's decisions and even vouched for the genuineness of documents and as such are also the Accused . My name figures in the FIR and is listed as accused no. 5 (The Last one) . Though it is well known by all and sundry who were or are in contact with us (Relatives , Domestic help's of the house or even neighbours) that the relations between my husband and me were estranged , we were only living under the same roof for the sake of our kids . His business dealings were never an area of knowledge for me . The reason behind our relations reaching this stage is his Habbit of excessive alcoholism and Gambling in which all money borrowed was drained . Please advice what legal step should i take in order to avoid my name from being dragged in this whole scenario . Is it important to apply for an anticipatory bail , or should I contact the I/O with my version ?