Hello, I got married recently - 4 Months Back. I am having Sex Problem (Erection Problem) and so we never had sex. Even I am not intersted in doing sex and so I dont want to eat medicines to get it corrected. I dont like my wife as well. She loves money more and I feel she has so many extra marital affairs. But I dont have any proof. I know she will ask me for divorce very soon and ask for money for separation. I want to know the below questions. 1- How much a girl can demand from a boy during divorce/separation? 2- I have my widow mom to take care of and she has some money as fixed deposit in here name. Can my wife claim those fixed deposits as well during separation? 3- I dont want to pay her money monthly and want to have a full and final settlement. Is this possible through law or only mutual consent? 4- Suppose they demand of some amount of money and I dont have that much money, then what will happen? Will i goto jail? Note: She is already working and her boy friends are sending her money to her account everytime.