Need support. British citizen

I need support As I have been a victim of marriage fraud and dowry. My husband married me in UK. I m British and he is Indian but live in UK. His family is in India. Since I got married his family was forcing me to give him money and on the names of riwaj they keep on asking more and more from my family in India. They created misunderstanding between me and my husband and while my short stay with them in India they kept on accusing me for not bringing enough. I gave money to my husband in UK before marriage for his family as well. After I got pregnant my husband stopped supporting me with help at house or outside. My sister used to feed me as I was diagnosed with severe carpel tunnel syndrome as well as pelvic problem as well. He refused to cook and get angry if my sister give me food. On weekends he used to make me wait till 2 pm before he get something from outside to eat. After baby born as I had c sec my parents came from India and the asking about different things started again. He used to push me and slap me while I was pregnant as I used to cry. His family stopped talking to me and on my son's birth he asked my parents to call them from UK to India. His mother asked for ladoo and stuff. My parents gave my husband money. He took it but it was not sufficient as per his family. He didn't pay a single Penny for my child and kept on saying it is my parents responsibility. Just before he got his PR he was sweet and booked a flat. After his PR he left me and my child in that place and run away. Wheny parents tried to contact his parents in faridabad they refused to talk. Please advice. They are looking for NRI bride for my brother in law as well.