False 498a raised against me

Respected Sir, Please find the case details, - My sister in law has filed false dowry case against my family (my brother, parents and relatives) in 2014. - Anticipatory bail received for all members from sessions court - my name was mentioned in the explanation in the original FIR, that i borrowed money during marriage but was not named as suspect - Since 2013, i am staying out of India with my wife. My brother got married in 2012 and his wife stayed only for 6 months and left him. - After 3 years, I have visited my parents in 2016. My sister in law came to know about this, and out of revenge she added my name as suspect in FIR (i am sure she bribed police). - I came to know later that police called my parents and enquired about me, but luckily i left the country with my spouse as my vacation has completed - I was informed that during the first hearing in sessions court, judge asked police that if they have summoned me, police didn't had proper answer and it was informed to the Judge that i am staying out of India for last few years, so judge removed my name from the charge sheet. - Currently, my family and relatives are showing up in sessions court regularly and have filed quash petition I am planning to visit my parents soon, so sincerely request legal advise whether visiting India is safe or not, - Since the case is at sessions court and my name is removed from charge sheet, is it possible for police to arrest or detain or harrass me? if they are aware that i am in India - My brother's father in law has good connection with police and sure he can bribe them to harrass me - what precautions can i take? is Anticipatory bail is an option? Can police and/or court restraint me from travelling outside India? Any advise in detail would be of great help, thanks alot.