Dispute of a piece of land jointly received in virasat

I am a housewife. we are six sisters and i am the eldest one. after my mothers death in 2011 my sisters applied to patwari for transfer of intkal of a plot which was in my mothers name. however my father is still alive. in 2013 intkal of plot was transferred jointly in the names of all six sisters. area of plot is around 199 sq gaj. I do not have talking terms with my sisters because i always favour my father whereas they all are against me and my father. now one of my sister at no 2 made a transfer deed in feb 2015 for 66 sq gaj area of that plot in to the favour of her husband named A. same time my sister at no 3 made a transfer deed in the name of her husband named B, but deed document shows the photo of "person A ( husband of sister at no 2)and his signature against the name of B(husband of sister at no 3 ) . basis of transfer is a "buder furd" in the name of all six sisters combined entered in oct 2014. I am not aware of the status of rest part of the plot. till date i have no information of partition of plot and no one contacted me for that. pl advise; 1. whether above two deeds are legal or fraud act. what action can be taken at this moment. 2. photograph and signature of person B in place of person A is a lapse on the part of authority. should i make a complaint to DC concerned or some other action. whether such deed is fraudulent act. 3 transferring 66 sq gaj in place of 33 sq gaj (1/6 th share of 199 sq gaj )is an act of fraud or not. 4. should i write to someone for the cancellation of such deeds on above basis and due to the absence of any partition of this plot. pl advise the best solution at this time for getting the relief at the earliest so that I can keep my share safe with proper marking. at present plot has no constructional part.