Payment Not provided by Pvt Ltd. Company

Dear Sir /Madam, My Firm work for Tower infra Pvt Ltd. Company. I provide services to Company. i Work for Company from 2009. in 2009 work approx 25 Lakh,but Company release 9 lakh approx.after that FY 2009-2010 my 16 Lakh payment Dues on FY 2014-2015 my total outstanding on Company Approx 25 Lakh. i work with company regularly. & Company release Some payment. Approx Average 25 Lakh payment Dues From 05 year. All invoices are submit in office after certification of User in 2010.According to Company Term Payment Done in 30 Days after Submit Invoice,But i have not receive my final payment of these work.In june-july 2014 Company Corporate office Generate query About 2009-2010 invoice after reply to all queries Company Done payment 18 Lakh on paper.Physically Payment Not Credit in my Account. I saw FARM 26 AS on Then Contact to Company & Demand FARM 16A TDS Jan 2015 Company Provide this Certificate, according to TDS Certificate, payment done in aug-sep 2014 Rs.18 Lakh,but only 70000 credit in my account,approx 1730000/- Less amount of according to TDS Certificate. On Principal amount of 18 Lakh,162000 TDS Deduct & Deposit this Tax in Income Tax Department in respect of my PAN no. TDS Deducted by Company & Deposited in Oct 2014. but principal amount not Credit in my Account.After many time Communication of Company Finance Representative he told me payment credit in account Before 31 March Current Financial year. But after Closing of FY 2014-2015 payment not Credit. After many time Contact company Representative no any timeline provided by Company for payment. Company Representative Demand Various type of Document after five year. But time of Log in Invoice, Complete Documents According Check List,I fulfill Documentation. Many time Mail Or Meeting With Company Officers payment not receive till Date. According to FARM 16 A Company Fraud With me Company representative mentally tortured me. please Suggest me what is process to punish Him. What punishment applicable on Company Authority ?.How much Compensation Demand for mentally & Financial Harassment For Long time Delay in payment. Regards, Rakesh Gupta