Leaving company within 2 days of work.

Hello, I wanted some advise regarding my situation. I have just joined a company 2 days ago but upon joining I realised that they may be lacking in the employee department, it seems as though there aren't any, although I'm sure that may not be the case, they have quite a lot of mistrust towards a new employee and I do not feel comfortable in the company environment as I find it very overbearing. Hence, I have decided to leave the company after two days of service but I'm concerned about the legal action they may take against me because I have been threatened by them regarding this and they are asking me to resume service the next day. This is the agreement I have signed. Probation Period: Your probation period will start from your date of joining, 09 September, 2022. You will be in probation for minimum period of six working months. Subject to satisfactory performance, your probation will be confirmed (vide written communication) at end of six working months or such other extended periods as the Employer deems fit. iii) You are employed for minimum one working year excluding leaves. Employer shall bear your training expense as per the Company policy. In the event that your employment is terminated on disciplinary grounds or you leave from employment, at any time before one working year excluding leaves, you will be liable to refund to the Employer the expenses incurred by the Employer on account of your trainings (Rs. 1,00,000), both internal and external. This clause comes into effect from date of signing the agreement. iv) In case neither party (you/employer) decides to discontinue post completion of one working year excluding leaves, this same agreement will continue along with any changes as communicated as per clause (b) below. I want to know if I can leave the company and what legal actions can be taken against me and how to mitigate this situation ?