What should i do ?

I am a 23 yr old girl from Mumbai. I stay with my parents and maternal grandmother. There is an issue of my maternal Aunt doing fake complaints about us to Police that we don't let her meet my grandmother. Several times she has brought police to our place to accompany her and even the Police at those times have realized that she is doing fake complaints. We also have a complaint registered against her in the Police station. But it so happens that every time she goes to police ,there is a different or new officer to attend to her and so they don't really check the background and believe whatever she is saying an send constables with her to our place or give us a call, so every such time we need to tell them that this lady isn't saying the truth. We do not like this happening often and so i am loking out for a permanent solution for handling this. i would also like to mention that i also have maternal uncles at who's place my grandmother used to stay earlier. But due to their wives ill-treating and harassing my grandmother, we brought her to stay with us. But they too dont pay heed to help us in this case. My grandmother i as alzheimeir patient and has been living with us for last 10 years. I would also mention that there is no property in her name for us to be greedy about. Still these people like my maternal aunt keep on emotionally troubling us. I would request the experienced and generous here to be kind to suggest me a solution for this matter.