Dear Sir, This has reference to a very critical case wherein my brother-in-law Mr. X along with his sister, mother is living in a govt. accommodation which is alloted to his wife as she is working in a Govt. service. His wife wants to have a nuclear family with no meaningful reasons for which she had filed a case with the police and who later transferred it to Women's cell Chandigarh because she was not at all ready to do any compromises and just wants to live separately with her husband. Now both of them on regular basis, are being called by the Women's cell for counselling sessions to sort out the issues but the girl is very inflexible. She is living in her parents house for last 3 months which is very near to their govt. alloted residence, about 1.5 kms. away. She only comes to her husband's house at her own will and when she just wants to have a fight with everybody. She does not want a divorce either. Now to make things worse, she recently asked her husband, his mother and sister to vacate her govt accommodation within 5 days. By fear of women biased laws in India, they already shifted to some other place within 3 days. Now my brother in law wants to write it to the Women's cell that on her wife's demand they have taken this step. Can you please advise how can he make his strong when he complains to the Women' cell regarding this issue. Also is there any legal article under Constitution under which he can file a case for this? I shall be very much thankful to you if you can guide us with your valuable experience and expertise in this matter. Thanks in advance.