Please help the girl with correct remedy

Hi Please do suggest what is the right way of justice in this case Its regarding a Mohammedan way of arranged marriage the girl has done her masters was working before wedding. She got married to a guy who.claimed tohav done his degree and a diploma.he has gud job he owns a contracting business has 4-5 workers under him etc etc. After 2 months of wedding she gets to know that guy,his mom nd his uncle Lied nd cheated her nd her family. Guy has done his 10th,he doesn't go for work. Has an affair with another girl.Not only this guy and mother in law mentally torture her by blaming shouting nd etc at the girl eg.she is dark,gold ornament belong to guy,no going to her mothers place Then guy got married as his patents forced him for wedding he never liked this girl as she was dark nd educated etc etc nd make her cry often by then she is carrying(1month pregnant). The girl is shocked to see that He never goes for work,he nd his mom work in their farm(8acres land). The girl forces him to go for work as she is unaware of the lie nd unaware that guy is uneducated. Her motherinlaw taunts her whenever the girl asks guy to go for work. The guys behavior with his in laws and outsiders not gud. He keeps fighting with many. The guy had also said to abort the child whereas the girl objected it. The girl is silent as her family is well known family she hides all this from her family. After few months of pregnancy girl realizes the situation is worsening and informs her family. Her family tries to patch up but here again the guy plays his game fights etc Then at last the ritual of baby shower is done nd the girl is taken to her moms place by her family for delivery. By then she is 6.5month pregnant. From that day the guy never calls or msgs or visits her.the guy blocks her msg nd calls.the girl nd her family invite the guy nd his fly alot but they never even went for festivals. Finally she delivers a baby girl on her due date. The inlaws guys fly is informed he nd his dad visit the hospital. Again after tht there's no call or msg or visit its 5 month to the baby girl. Now the girl tells she doesn't want him as they had even latched her in a room by three female inlawsa and a male b4 she left her inlaws place she was blamed nd screwed by all those.and asked her give all gold. The girl gave her engagement jewelry set whereas she took her mehr jewelry as its her right. What do u people suggest to this girl. Will she get divorce from them. The girl tells as those ppl never bothered to ask or care her nd baby even during her pregnancy even she tells they never bothered to enquire abt or help her during her last stages of pregnancy nd wen there were few complications.. what's the procedure if girl files divorce islamic way.