What can be done?

My dad sold all Grandfather's and Great-Grandfather's(FARMERS) acquired lands,when i was little, he used to beat my mom and me and my brother to inspire fear in us. He also spent more than 20 aquisitions (MUWAVZAA) on his pleasure activities. Not only that he became a chronic in-debtor and borrowed money from so many private parties that i don't know how many people. So many village people and strangers come at my home and some people in aggressive tone come and ask for dad's whereabouts as he doesn't pick their calls. My mom was married to one of the richest family in the whole Village. But when i grew up we were one of most poor families in whole village, today he says that he was fooled by someone who took 60 lakhs from him. But the debt lending villagers amount much more than that. Today he says he loves me and my brother but earlier when he was bathing in money he didn't even came to parents meeting, he went to Bangkok with his friends but i never sat in plane till date. Few years ago i did earned few lakhs in a freelance projects and he stole 80,000 from it. Today, only one property is left that is our little home and many previous muwavzaa were taken by his debt lenders and others are eying for last two muwavzaas. Can i get muwavzaa in my name from court when it is going to be disbursed? Is there any way otherwise debtors will take it away in name of interest.