Negligence by doctor & hospital management in delivery operation

Dear Sir, 4 months ago My wife had a sigerian girl baby in a hospital in Uttar Pradesh (U,P). After the operation she rested and did all precautions but she was having little pain inside the stomach. After three months i took her to different city as i am working.she felt pain is increasing and we day by day it was disturbing her and in the end of 4th month pain increased a lot.we went to doctor she did scan and ultra sound but could not find out the real cause then on doctors recommendation immediately we did C.T Scan in this city and found that its GLOSSYPIBOMA( i.e foreign body or some cotton type item inside the stomach) As we have a 4 months baby so were not able to manage the operation conditions here so we decided to do the operation in our native place as we have family members there to take care of baby and my wife. after seeing the report and doing some test doctors did the operation and found the cotton pad inside which was used during the sigerian operation. they found lot of infection inside and cut the intestines and many infected parts.totally cut intestines and other items were a full of small plate/bowl. after this operation my wife was admitted in ICU for 3-4 days and now shifted to private room for at least 8 days. she is going through a severe pain and difficulties and 4 units of blood also has been used. she is so week and mostly unconscious mode on bed and slowly slowly recovering. she is not talking and it is not recommended also by doctor . nose mouth every where pipe . she is in very difficult painful condition now. i want to know the correct detailed procedure to complaint about the doctors negligence ? Am I Liable to get compensation ? if Yes then how much..? how to proceed the case...what all records required as proof...? please explain the necessary steps in detail ?