Nuisance by other members of the society

Subject – Property Damage, Banging on Floors, Harassment Dear Sir, This is the third Complain I Renold Salins am bringing to your attention regarding banging on Floors caused by D Block D3,303, Brahmand Society Shukla n Family who’s is living as tenant in that house and the owners of that house Jagdish Prasad Tiwari are not at all concerned for creating private nuisance on the Floors by using spice pounder which is a heavy material used on the floor causing damage to my ceiling for past 2 Years.Even after giving notices from the deputy registrar to the Society and Committee member there is no improvement or action taken against Mr Shukla n Family.I strongly recommend that to the registrar to have a face to face hearing with the owners of that house as it is high time and me n my mother have had a lot to go through in the past 2 years .I have proof and evidence to prove it with the recording of the banging on the Floors which is Audio video recording submitted to the secretary Mr Inamdar on several occasions through what’s app but since Mr Chandan Shukla being a committee member there is no action or meeting taken by the committee . According to by Laws of the Co-operative Housing Society this illegal creating private nuisance and harassing other member of the society as to which section 48(a)- Restriction of storing of certain goods (No member without the permission of the of the committee ,in writing shall stock or store any kind of goods or materials, which are cumbustible, obnoxious or other goods,for the storing of which requires permit, sanction of the competent authority under any laws relating there to. A-No member shall do or suffer anything to be done in his flat which may cause nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to any of the members of the society or carry on practices which may be repugnant to the general decency or morals of the members of the society. B- It shall be competent for the committee either sou-moto or on receipt of the complaint from any member,to take steps to stop all such practices referred to in Bye-law 48(a) forthwith. Laws are being broken by the committee Member Shukla n family n this building D Block Co-operative: Housing society .I have given verbal complains as well as written complaint signed by secretary Mr Inamdar ,Mr Patwardhan the Chairman,but no action taken .as they keep banging purposely on the Floors troubling me n my mother during the day time , afternoon , evening and at night too as this unbearable banging on the Floors of my hall room,kitchen n Bed room.i strongly suggest the Deputy Registrar take action immediately at the earliest and resolve this issue as early as possible with the hearing face to face with Jagdish Prasad Tiwari n Family owners of the house.i Hope the Deputy Registrar would do the best to give me justice . Thanking You, Renold Salins n Family,