Can we sell our property which is got from grandmother through a will without other legal hiers ...?

My grandfather has 5.18 acre agricultural land which is ancestral...And they has 4 children's in that 3 daughters 1 son(my father)...After grand father death in 1992 ... My grand mother got 5.18 acre agricultural land from his deceased husband by partition through the court in 2008 which is partition suit filed by my father against my grandfather brothers ...Later they sold 1.06 acre with their signtaure and my father signature....But we children's not signed also my Fathers 3 sisters not signed...After that my grandmother give us remaining 4.12 acres agricultural land to me and my 2 brothers in 2009 through registered will... And in 2014 my grand mother died ..We also get joint account khata in same year.....In 2018 my 2nd elder brother died and his wife is not coming for partition and she may be come in future....And my father's 3 sisters (in that 1 sister died but her children's get inhertence rights) told us remove deseased brother name by hiding his marriage and sell it and give to us...If not done then we will file partition suit and will get equal share... We decided to partition the joint account property through the court and sell it...It's possible to sell without my father sisters signature...?