Fraud of collage with student

One day some people come to my house at chd , i am living with my mamaji , due to i like to live with them , they offerd free degree to me . Because i am schedule caste and living in chd , so i like to join it , so i went there campus , so before i join the collage ( private collage ), i cleared said them that my parents are living in punjab , and i am living with my mama ji in chd , so they told me that you have to make a affidefit form kcheri that i am living with my mama ji , so i submit that affidefit to them ,so my collage goes on . After 2 semister they told me that you scholarship is rejected . Becaused scholarship for chd students only .so there is sir(vice principal) , he told me that you have to met your mama with me , so i met my mama with him , not he told me you not have to pay any thing , you can continue your study , aftr sometime gone . When i am in 3 rd sem , they told me , you have to pay the frees , so i infomed them that sir told me that you have not to pay ,so sir that said that he dont know abt that , so another sir ( who take care of admissions) is there who sugest me that you have to make the rsident certificate, and update my chd adress on adhar card , so i also done that now sir said me i didnt said you abt that , now no one is helping me even they not talk me , they harash me totally ,and even thay make fun of me . they said only that you have to pay all the free from 1 sem to 6 semister , or you have to quit , they said they inform me in first semister that you have to pay the free , so think about that if they told me abt to pay , and i didnt pay any thing to them ,so how i can come in 4 semister , now i am in 4 semister , now they told me to pay the free , even collage is also come in punjab , and some punjabi also study in that collage , plz suggest me correct way to come out of that , plz answer on mail , [deleted]