Cyber crime case under 66A, 509, 354d

Dear Sirs, An FIR and charge sheet filed on my brother under sections 66A, 509, 354d. The case details as follows: Our co-tenent, a girl has filed the case. She is my friend for the pas 3 years, and she mingles with my family as one of our family members. Recently she got some e-mails with porn content, and the e-mails have suggestions mentioning few letters of my brother's name. She suspected that the e-mails are from my brother, and filed the complaint in CCS station. Police investigated the case, and they arrested my brother, and beaten him to agree the case and they booked him under 66A, 509, 354d. The points are: 1. The IP address used to send the e-mails is my brothers IP address. 2. The mails used to send the e-mails are not of my brother, and he never ever used those mail IDs for any conversations to anyone. 3. My brother's wi-fi was used to send those offensive e-mails. 4. The girl who filed the complaint knows our wi-fi password. 5. She also used my brother's laptop and phone now and then. He dont know what she did with them. 6. The e-mails were sent only went the wi-fi was switched on. i.e., they used the wi-fi parallel y when my brother is working with his wi-fi. 7. We are suspecting either the girl is involed in this whole story, or my brother's wi-fi has been hacked. 7. The girl first agreed for a compromise, and now she is not ready for the compromise. Now the chargesheet has been filed... Any suggestions to get rid of this false case? Your suggestions are most precious for us.. and they will be very helpful for his future.....Thanks in advance.